Whether you’ve never been to a hookah bar before or bringing a friend who has never been there, you both must know what to expect. While it is normal to feel nervous if you’re just about to try shisha for the first time, it pays to know what to do to make the experience smoother. Of course, the staff there can help you out, but by knowing what to expect first, you can ensure your experience is memorable!

That said, if you want to make the most out of your first time smoking shisha, here’s what you should know:

1. Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Your first time smoking shisha or even your first time in a hookah bar might be a little overwhelming. Many people, especially newcomers, feel a little awkward and nervous if they don’t know what to do.

It’s completely normal to feel like that, but it is important to remember that you’re in a hookah bar, a place where everyone is there to have fun. If you feel like you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask.

2. Pick an Easy Flavor to Start With

There are thousands of flavors that you can choose from, but that doesn’t mean you have to smoke them all at once. For your first time, try to pick a flavor that’s easy to smoke.

If you’re a complete beginner, try a simple flavor like apple or vanilla. The goal of your first time smoking shisha is to get the hang of how it works and how it feels. So you want to choose something that doesn’t complicate it.

If you want a bolder flavor, then you can try something like strawberry or honeydew. You can ask the staff in your local hookah bar for their recommendations, too.

3. Learn the Proper Inhaling Technique

One thing you should absolutely know before you smoke shisha is how to inhale it properly. Technically, you don’t have to inhale shisha smoke in the traditional sense. You can breathe it in through your nose or even just smell it.

But if you want to enjoy shisha to the maximum and have a good tasting session, then you should definitely try to inhale it. To do that, you have to first run a wet piece of glycerin-coated hose over the coal. Allow a little air to pass through it, so you know it’s working. Then, take some shisha smoke in your mouth and suck it in. You should then exhale through your nose. This will give you a nicotine buzz and make the session even more enjoyable.

4. Make Sure to Eat before Smoking Shisha

Any newbie who wants to start smoking shisha for the first time should also know that shisha is a lot more potent than regular cigarettes. If you smoke shisha on an empty stomach, you will feel the effects a lot more intensely. So be sure to have a full meal before you start smoking.

5. Always Take It Easy

Every shisha session lasts around 45 minutes, so you don’t have to take it all at once. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you get to go home when the 45 minutes are up. You should still go up to the bar and smoke some more, but it’s a good rule to follow.

If you’re unsure of how long your first shisha session should be, then you can ask the staff in your local hookah bar. They can also help you decide how much shisha you should smoke during your first session.


Shisha smoking is a valuable experience that shouldn’t be missed. But like any other form of smoking, whether it’s cigars or cigarettes, you have to be careful. So above all, if you intend to enjoy a shisha experience, then remember to choose carefully and not overdo it. A little bit of shisha can be a lot of fun, while too much can leave you feeling a little queasy!

If you take all the precautions and follow all the tips we’ve shared above, then you can ensure that your first shisha smoking session is a safe and fun one!

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