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Security Specialist

The job of security specialist entails ensuring that patrons are safe while on the bar premises. Bar Security personnel are also in charge of enforcing the state liquor laws and bar entry requirements of the establishment.


List of Essential Job Responsibilities:
● Providing the highest level of customer service to patrons.
● Maintain a safe and secure environment for patrons and employees by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel.
● Conducting noninvasive search of patrons and their belongings prior to entry, ensuring no weapons, including but not limited to mace, rattail comb, or any item(s) deemed to be a potential harm to others are entering the establishment.
● Inspecting patrons’ identification & appearances to discern their legal capacity to enter.
● Inform patrons of policy and procedures.
● Maintaining orderliness and etiquette in all applicable vicinities.
● Escorting rowdy patrons off premises, with the least amount of force.
● Assisting with intoxicated patrons, as per security internal protocol.
● Reporting security-related matters to the Manager on Duty in a timely manner.
● Prevent loss and damage by reporting irregularities.
● Supporting Box Office Team activities & responsibilities, as needed. Including but not limited to Receiving event-related tickets or payments, issuing patrons with hand/wrist stamps, bands, or ticket stubs to denote their rightful admission.
● Supporting Service Team activities & responsibilities, as needed. Including but not limited to task(s) assigned by management.

● High school diploma or GED
● Maintain up to date PLCB’s RAMP certification.
● Maintain up to date Philadelphia’s Bouncer Certification.
● Willingness to undergo routine PA Criminal Background Checks.

Experience & Additional Requirements
● Experience in nightlight security or similar environment.
● Crowd management and problem-solving abilities.
● Observational and conflict management skills.
● Excellent verbal & written communication abilities.
● Ability to deal with unruly patrons.
● Ability to stand for long periods of time.
● Ability to manage physical altercations and break up fights.
● Ability to physically remove patrons from the bar, with the least amount of force.