Night and day, Philadelphia is a city of vibrant energy, but evening hours are particularly enlivening. With legendary bars, vibrant clubs, and food for late dinners and early breakfasts, you can party until the sun rises, then wake up early for a fresh bite to eat at a classic diner. 

The city is easily walkable, so some neighborhoods are more suited to bar-hopping than others; people tend to move through the area between Old City and Midtown Village on foot. Pub crawls and pub stunts are common in Philadelphia on weekends, and bar owners compete aggressively for customers by offering specials. 

The few laws regulating the city’s bars require bartenders to card patrons who appear under the age of 35. Given the waterfront setting and proximity to New Jersey Shore-goers, Philadelphia bar prices can be higher than average.

The Club Scene

Night clubs in Philadelphia have a vibrant scene, with some larger clubs starting to pack in the crowds at 10 p.m. Check the website for the club you wish to visit, as the list of DJs and types of music can change from week to week, and there may be a dress code.

The Bar Scene

Philadelphia is home to bars serving every kind of drink in just about every neighborhood, so there’s something for every imbiber around every corner. Most bars in Philadelphia are open until 2 a.m.; some have live music, while others have patios or dance floors.

Late-Night Restaurants

Midnight snackers love Philadelphia because of its large selection of restaurants. There are always a few diners serving 24-hour meals, such as burgers, cheesesteaks, and breakfast. These restaurants are a great place to party, so it’s always fun to go out to eat late at night.

Live Music

Philadelphia is home to some excellent live music venues of all sizes. Large and small clubs host major touring acts and local bands. Many venues have a weekly jam session, and jazz and blues clubs have live music starting in the early evening.

The Gayborhood

Philadelphia’s Gayborhood has been the center of gay culture since World War II. The Gayborhood is bounded by 11th Street, Broad Street, Pine Street, and Chestnut Street. In 1995, the neighborhood earned its nickname of The Gayborhood when it hosted an October Outfest event. With 72 rainbow street signs, businesses and homes proudly display them throughout the neighborhood. Since 2007, Philadelphia Mayor John Street has dedicated the rainbows.

Each night, the bars and nightclubs in the Gayborhood spring to life with entertainment and diversions. Popular culture blends with the Gayborhood community at landmarks like the International House, where stars like Martha Graham Cracker often perform. You can dance, sip cocktails, and scream your lungs out even harder as a drag queen dressed up as Cher belts out a song.


Nightlife in Philadelphia is as vibrant as it is in other cities on the East Coast, with a combination of clubs, bars, and restaurants to help you celebrate. Whether you prefer eating dinner, dancing, or playing pool, you’re sure to find the right entertainment in Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a dynamic nightlife, whether for a special occasion, a fun celebration, or a night out with friends.

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